Great Alternative to Black Friday Madness

I can not believe it’s that time of year again. Ladies are starting to map out their strategies for black Friday and gift giving in general. The time and energy involved in gift giving is tremendous, and I’m just talking about the immediate family; gifts for Mom, Dad, Brothers, Sisters, the children, and let’s not forget the spouse. I know; I’m a wife and mother myself. Believe me, it gets crazy around Christmas every year. I’d like to chat about an idea that I think most families will appreciate. Instead of looking for bargains and fighting the crowds, stay home and do something as a family. Get the kids down to the kitchen table and decide on a family project for Christmas. It can be anything, but in the Spirit of Christmas, making Christmas gift baskets for your loved ones is one crazy cool idea.

Christmas Crafts

A Christmas gift basket is the perfect gift because it is so easy to customize for the person who is receiving it. You can start out with a pre-made basket and embellish it with your own goodies, or you can start from scratch and include all the important items that showcase your style and thoughtfulness. Either way, the whole family will have a blast putting it together. Any friend or family member who receives one of these gifts will not only appreciate it, they will love it. They’ll know that your clan put time and effort into making a gift basket.  There are plenty of Christmas craft projects for items to include in your basket that won’t take all day. You can check out this site for some ideas;

It’s hard to see a downside to a gift like this. The only thing I can think of is that the recipient may become spoiled and expect something like this all of the time. Well…, there are other occasions; birthdays, Father’s day, Mothers Day, Valentines day. You can really let your imagination take over. Whatever the occasion, what woman wouldn’t like a spa gift basket? You can go to the local mall and design a basket with body lotion, maybe cucumber moisturizing bath & body gel and possibly some lovely bath salts. If you are on the crafty side, why not embroider a towel with the recipient’s name and make it really personalized?

Whatever type of gift baskets your family puts together, have fun and make the most of the Christmas season. The time together will be a gift in itself.

About the Author: Linda Stolarczuk makes gift baskets for her close friends and relatives. For information visit:

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