Fall Sunflowers Cookie Bouquet Basket

It’s that friendly time of year again when family members and friends have festive parties to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries or just the autumn season.


The Fall Sunflowers Cookie Bouquet Basket

If you’re like me, it gets difficult to know what specific gift to bring to the occasion.  Of course it’s always better to think of your host or hostess and the specific occasion when considering the best gift basket to bring.  Many friends and family members that I know love cookies.  For me I would definitely purchase a Fall Sunflowers Cookie Bouquet Basket for the happy festive occasion.   For me this makes the perfect gift because it looks great and it could be ordered on line.

There simply is no doubt about it that this great looking basket would definitely be great hit for any Halloween Party or even for Thanksgiving Day itself.   Maybe even perhaps for a Birthday celebration if it’s your friend or family member’s birthday.

Not only is this an outstanding, one of a kind wicker basket; it also features an array of twelve individually wrapped medium sized cookies.  The stylish way that the cookies are wrapped in the basket gives the impression of  the most beautiful autumn colors in a sunflower wrapping.  At first glace it almost gives the illusion that the cookies are missing from the basket.  They could be mistaken for sunflower decorations.  In the center of the basket is an autumn sunflower, looking almost like a daisy,   This wicker basket also has a beautiful bow.

The most wonderful surprise for the person receiving this outstanding gift is when they happen to find the treats inside.  For the people I know, it’s almost a guarantee that the basket will bring smiles to their faces.  After all, isn’t that the idea of a true holiday or birthday gift?

This Fall Sunflowers Cookie Bouquet Basket weighs 4.00 pounds and the type of yummy cookies that are included are:   Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Sugar Peanut Butter, M&M and a White Chocolate Chip Pecan cookies.

Happy gift giving!

Linda S.

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